Development Status Of Global EPS Line Industry


EPS line is one of the most popular decorative building materials in the world. It has gradually replaced the mainstream position of GRC, GRG and other components, and has been widely used in the exterior wall decoration of buildings. Now more and more attention is paid to the beauty of various buildings. Various beautification tools and materials are used to package the buildings. EPS line is one of the beautification decorative lines. It is mainly used to decorate the exterior walls of villas, hotels and street shops. Compared with the traditional GRC components, it has great advantages and is an epoch-making product in building materials.

The main decorative style of EPS lines is European beautification, which is the same as that of traditional GRC components, and can completely replace it. Generally, EPS lines are applied to the decoration of external walls, showing a kind of European elegant and classical decorative style.

EPS line production technology is, is controlled and cut by computer, so its production speed will be faster, and the error is small, it can be said that there is no error, the design of models, styles, colors, rich people's choice. Its style has lines, window cover, Dougong, Roman column, etc., which can play a good decorative effect on eaves, door and wall.

After decades of development, EPS line production technology innovation and improvement, has become one of the most competitive building materials in the building exterior wall decoration materials.

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