EPS pre release procedure


Advance is divided into one advance and two advance. For one pre delivery, put about 8kg of raw materials into the hopper. After preheating, open the gate at the feeding port to make all the raw materials enter the pre launching machine. Close the feeding gate (at this time, the raw materials can be filled again). The raw materials in the machine will be released in advance gradually until the overflow source flows out of the pre sent beads. Open the raw material inlet to feed continuously, and at the same time, the overflow port continuously flows out the pre sent beads. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the valve and increase the temperature to obtain the best temperature.

Note: do not start continuous feeding, otherwise the load of the mixing motor will increase due to the serious deviation of the density of beads in the machine, resulting in shutdown or other serious consequences.

The second pre delivery is to put 6-7kg of the primary pre delivery beads into the secondary feeding hopper, open the feeding gate to carry out the secondary pre delivery, and at the same time, make the primary pre delivery device rotate to avoid the beads entering the primary pre launching device and pre sending, so as to block the primary pre delivery device. The feeding gate is opened to feed continuously until the bead particles flow out of the overflow port. According to the working conditions, the density of beads should be measured at intervals.

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