Using waste foam plastics as thermal insulation materials


Using waste foam plastics as thermal insulation materials

With the development of chemical industry, polystyrene foam has been turned into a more promising market for building insulation materials from packaging materials and disposable tableware. The defoamed waste polystyrene foam is added with a certain dosage of low boiling point liquid modifier, foaming agent, catalyst and stabilizer. After heating, the polystyrene beads are prefoamed, and then rigid polystyrene foam plastic boards with fine closed pores are heated by heating. This kind of plate can be used alone or coated with thin aluminum plate after forming. Its thermal insulation performance is very good, the actual use of the roof test, the results show that there is no frost and condensation phenomenon, and can reduce the project cost, construction and operation is convenient. Therefore, in the northern heating area, the polystyrene foam insulation board produced by this method has wide application and good prospects for development.

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