Application of EPS foam box in refrigerator


Application of EPS foam box in refrigerator

EPS foam boxes are excellent packaging materials, such as packaged fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat products, as well as household appliances, precision instruments, glassware, ceramics, art crafts and other products.

Before the foam box is used, it is only necessary to freeze the ice bags in the refrigerator and refrigerate the ice bags into the passive refrigerator. It is very convenient to use and can keep the temperature for more than 72 hours.

In winter, if the ice bag is put into the microwave oven and heated sufficiently, it can be put into the passive vehicle refrigerator, and the foam box can also play a role of thermal insulation.

A space for one person to avoid noise generated by compressor operation and the characteristics of semiconductor refrigerator, such as energy saving, environmental protection, no noise, light and flexible, is expected to occupy a place in the market of vehicle refrigerator.

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