Automatic EPS Batch Pre-expander


Automatic EPS Batch Pre-expander

EPS machine details.Well finished Alu. Plate for mold surface with abundant holes For steam and air passing. High power vacuum system making Molding cooling efficient and saving energy. Big diameter steam Tube for mass flow of hot steam. Dedicate wiring and good quality Burkert valve to give stable and long working time operation.
EPS Packaging production line.We can make various products in he process, such as helmet, vegetable/ fruit boex, protective corners, electrical parts, EPS insert, ICF, foam concerte panel, ceiling corner layers etc, which are widely used in package and construction.

We are Epsole technology Co,.Ltd, we specialized in manufacturing efficient EPS production line, EPS machine(EPS pre-expander machine ,EPS/EPP shape moulding machine ,EPS block moulding machine , EPS cutting machine)and EPS raw material

Know how to shorter your machine cycle time and better performance Please  contact us:info@epsole.com

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