EPS,EPP Moulds


EPS,EPP Moulds

Epsole mould specialized in all kinds of EPS、EPP moulds for automatic machine and retractable mould for automatic and EPP machine.The 6063 high-quality aluminum alloy material is used for machines of various types,and design with standard mould chamber and standard cooling system.The mould surface is sprayed with protective Teflon coating with features of excellent lubrication,no sticking on the mould, convenient de-mould,good anti-corrosion,resistant of high-temperature above 350℃,and long service life ect.

We are Epsole technology Co,.Ltd, we specialized in manufacturing efficient EPS production line, EPS machine(EPS pre-expander machine ,EPS/EPP shape moulding machine ,EPS block moulding machine , EPS cutting machine)and EPS raw material

Know how to shorter your machine cycle time and better performance Please  contact us:info@epsole.com

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