EPSOLE Machine


The EPSOLE machine adopts PLC full computer touch screen adjustment to realize the whole process of feeding, steam supply, temperature control, foaming material and discharging, which can automatically and repeatedly work, quantitative analysis and compression feeding, accurate and fast. Polystyrene foam plate mechanical equipment can be selected to vulcanizing dryness bed to achieve continuous drying, selection, smashing and transportation of foam material. Foam plate mechanical equipment selects full closed stainless steel barrel and constant pressure foaming material, which has high thermal efficiency, saves steam, reduces ripening process, and has high rate of foaming material.

We are Epsole technology Co,.Ltd, we specialized in manufacturing efficient EPS production line, EPS machine(EPS pre-expander machine ,EPS/EPP shape moulding machine ,EPS block moulding machine , EPS cutting machine)and EPS raw material

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