Epsole Machine


Epsole Machine

EPS single minute change of die shape moulding machine is easy to operate, 3 minutes quick die change, simple equipment operation, the product can be packed straightly without drying room. The equipment has the advantages of fast production speed is very fast, short single mold cycle and low energy consumption (single mold output value of 1 ton of material consumes less than 6 tons of steam, and the moisture content is as low as 3%-5%). The equipment has a frame.

We are Epsole technology Co,.Ltd, we specialized in manufacturing efficient EPS production line, EPS machine(EPS pre-expander machine ,EPS/EPP shape moulding machine ,EPS block moulding machine , EPS cutting machine)and EPS raw material

Know how to shorter your machine cycle time and better performance Please  contact us:info@epsole.com

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