EPS Pre-expander ESPB50 For Delivery


EPS Pre-expander ESPB50 For Delivery

Customer from:Newdeli India


Customer introduction: One of biggest EPS factories in India, 100 sets shape moulding machine, cooperate with Samsung India, LG India, Haier India, Gree India, Meidea India.


Application: High density 40~100g/L


Product: Helmet, cup material etc.


Customer requirement: need high density and high High accurate;

Why choose Epsole: Actually customer had contacted many suppliers from globally, after a big comparasion job, customer finally order from Epsole, not only Epsole machinery give reasonable price, but also supper quality and details.


Main components: All Burket steam valve

Burket PID valve

Schneider Touch screen 10"

Mitsubishi PLC

Material level control: Vibration level sensor

Schneider electrical parts.

Expansion barrel: Steel steel plate in bottom by laser, big steam passage slot. More efficient  steam,

=> All supper key components to ensure machine stable performance.


Customer are happy to get inspection video and photos, know more details please view web:


Epsole, we save more steam.


We are Epsole technology Co,.Ltd, we specialized in manufacturing efficient EPS production line, EPS machine(EPS pre-expander machine ,EPS/EPP shape moulding machine ,EPS block moulding machine , EPS cutting machine)and EPS raw material

Know how to shorter your machine cycle time and better performance Please  contact us:info@epsole.com

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