Formation of EPS foam board


Formation of EPS foam board

The foam board is a process of crushing, plasticizing, stripping and cutting grains of the foam, which is made up of foam grinder, foam granulator and granulator. It is a device that makes the foam waste foam into granules for recycling again. Vertical layout, hydraulic system transmission, the most advanced Taiwan computer and touch screen control, high degree of automation, easy to use. The machine moves smoothly, stops in time after power failure, without inertia, and is ideal for mold closing flow slot. The machine is equipped with automatic feeding system, high-pressure silo and automatic feeding device. 15 automatic feeding guns can be fed at the same time. The guide rod of the machine is made of 45 alloy steel, which is hardened by heat treatment and processed by thread grinder, with smooth surface and long service life.

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