Aluminum cutting machine in the work of a sudden power failure, how to do?


Aluminum cutting machine in the work of a sudden power failure, how to do

   During the working period of general cutting machine, if the power is cut off suddenly, it is equivalent to that the product material can not be cut in general, so it's not easy to operate there. After the power is called, it needs to start operation again and cut again, but the aluminum profile cutting machine is not the same. It uses intelligent computer operating system, with memory recovery function, and can effectively remember the former in the working process A work task state, even if the power is cut off during work, can continue to work under the work state before power off after power on, and complete the work tasks not completed before power off. This function is a special function that general cutting machine can not have. So when we use the aluminum cutting machine to cut off the power suddenly in the work, don't worry. After the call, it will still repeat the previous task until the cutting task is completed.

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