Secondary foaming process of EPS


Secondary foaming process of EPS

  The fluidized bed is usually used with the secondary foaming machine, because the diameter of polystyrene particles after secondary foaming is very large, and the content of foaming agent in the particles after multiple foaming is very small. When the polystyrene particles discharged from the secondary foaming machine meet the cold air, the foaming agent quickly changes from gaseous state to liquid state, resulting in the excessive pressure difference between the inside and outside of the particles; when the pressure difference is greater than the sustainable pressure of the particles themselves, the particles will shrink. The second treatment of particles by fluidized drying bed can prolong the time of foaming agent changing from gas state to liquid state, make hot air penetrate into particles quickly, reduce the internal and external pressure difference of particles and avoid shrinkage. According to the distance of feeding, the outlet of the fluidized bed is equipped with a suitable blower. The air blower is equipped with a filter screen to prevent the block from entering into the conveying pipeline and causing pipe blockage. In addition, there are two cleanouts to regularly clean the polystyrene particles falling through the aluminum plate holes, so as to prevent the speed of polystyrene particles running in the fluidized bed and the rotation of eddy current, and affect the aging effect. The heat exchanger is a fin type radiator made of high-pressure seamless tubes, and the fins are aluminum sheets, which has fast heat transfer and safety. Polyphenylene particles automatically roll forward in the form of eddy current in the equipment to fully dehydrate and dialysis, so as to achieve the setting in a short time.

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