Why can EPS module be warm in winter and cool in summer?


Why can EPS module be warm in winter and cool in summer?

  The internal and external thermal insulation layer of EPS module is 12cm, 30kg / m3, and the thermal conductivity is only 0.033w / (m.k). The wall thickness of 25cm is equivalent to the insulation effect of 1.4m brick wall (0.39w / (m.k)). So as long as we live in our modular house normally, the indoor temperature will not be lower than 16 ℃ in winter without any heating equipment, and the heat emitted by human body and electrical appliances plus the sunlight in the daytime will be evenly distributed in our room. In summer, when you get up in the morning, open a window for ventilation. At noon, pay attention to shade the sun with curtains. The indoor temperature will not exceed 26 ℃. Our module wall has no cold and hot bridge, which is not permeating in winter and insolating in summer. The indoor temperature is kept constant throughout the year, making the living more comfortable.

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