New utilization of waste foam plastics


New utilization of waste foam plastics

1. Use of waste foam plastics to prepare waterproof coatings.

With suitable modifier, the waste foam plastics can be modified to prepare water emulsion waterproof coating with fast drying time and long water resistance at normal temperature. The process of this method is simple and it is convenient to use water to adjust viscosity. The waterproof coating can be used for corrugated box or fiberboard instead of moisture-proof oil.


2. Preparation of P Nitrobenzoic Acid from waste foam plastics

P-nitrobenzoic acid (PNBA) is mainly used to manufacture many kinds of products, such as strong fiber, pesticide, dye, resin, metal surface antirust agent, sunscreen, color film coupler and filter. The waste foamed plastics can be obtained by nitrification and oxidation. The method has the advantages of easy access to raw materials, simple process, high added value of products, and is suitable for promotion in township enterprises.


3. Pyrolysis of waste foamed plastics to produce styrene.

There are 3 ways to produce styrene from waste foam plastics, namely pyrolysis, catalytic cracking and anaerobic catalytic cracking. Finally, the waste foamed plastic can be transformed into an important chemical raw material, styrene



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