It is beneficial to improve the quality of EPS products by maturing to improve the further expansibility, the fusion between beads and the elasticity of beads.

In the process of curing, the beads are cooled by air, and the foaming agent and water vapor in the pores are condensed into liquid, which forms negative pressure in the pores. At this time, the air penetrates into the inner part of the bubble via the bubble membrane, so that the pressure in the bubble is balanced with the external pressure, which will make the beads elastic after pre development.

Ripening can be divided into two methods: natural ripening and pressure ripening. In the cool, dry and ventilated conditions, letting the air inflate naturally is called natural ripening. It is called pressure curing that air (air, nitrogen) is added into the sealed container to make the naturally matured preformed beads have a certain pressure for inflation.

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