How to use EPS foam crusher correctly?


How to use EPS foam crusher correctly?

When using the 

When using the EPS Foam Recycling Crusher machine should pay attention to fire safety, fire extinguishers need to be placed near the use of thermal oil equipment, failure or abnormal conditions must be reported to the relevant personnel, and professional maintenance personnel to deal with. 

If any abnormal phenomenon affecting safety appears, immediately press the emergency stop switch.

In addition, should also be given to the extruder, reducer fill up to meet the requirements of the runner oil, foam mill operation should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the operating procedures, not in the non-operating station for violations of the rules of operation.

To ensure the reliability of the safety device, not for the pursuit of efficiency broken machine safety protection measures, foam crusher operation, material temperature did not reach the set temperature, insulation time is not enough, are not allowed to start the screw, by trained and familiar with the foam crusher structural performance and operation procedures of the operator.


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