Application Research of Foamed Polypropylene


PP foaming materials have a wide range of applications in food 

container packaging, thermal insulation, automotive and 

construction fields.

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The chemical structure of PP makes the PP foam material have good 

degradability and recyclability, and good oil resistance, which makes 

it have obvious advantages in the disposable packaging market over 

the difficult-to-degrade PS foam meal.

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PP foam material is a new type of thermal insulation material with 

strong temperature resistance. It can usually withstand a temperature 

range of -40 ° C ~ 110 ° C and a high temperature of 130 ° C in a 

short time, which is higher than PE foam. The maximum operating 

temperature (80 ° C), shows good performance even at -30 ° C.

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Due to the void structure of foamed PP, its thermal conductivity is 

greatly reduced. At present, it has been widely used in situations 

where the heat resistance of other foamed materials does not meet 

the requirements, such as for heat insulation of heat carrier cycle 

batteries exceeding 100 ° C. Materials, air conditioners, refrigerators, 

insulation in motor rooms and ironmaking workshops, cushioning 

packaging materials, and more.

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The use of PP for the plastics used in automobiles can reduce the 

weight of automobiles, thereby saving energy and reducing 

emissions, and is of great significance for the recycling and reuse 

of automotive materials.

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Foamed PP material has good mechanical properties, its rigidity is 

better than PE, PP, PP has similar chemical resistance to PE, and can 

be widely used as a building material in the construction industry.

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