Why do EPS foam products need sufficient aging time?


After being left for a certain period of time, the residual trace amount of the foaming agent is emitted to prevent the residual of the foaming agent and have a softening effect on the foam.

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For example, when the molding foam does not cut the board for a sufficient aging time, even the expansion of the gas due to the presence of moisture will cause a large deviation in the diagonal of the board.

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After the main body reaction (or basic reaction) of the foam is completed, after any appropriate aging (aging), any physical and chemical reactions of the thermosetting expanded foam or thermoplastic products can be completely completed, so as to ensure the products during use.

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The technical performance is stable, and the size and size are stable without deformation. After sufficient aging time, the board will warp, swell, or delaminate from the finish, cracks and other undesirable phenomena.

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