Is EPP Raw Material Are Foam Material


At present, the popularity of EPP foam materials is getting wider and wider. Many industries require the use of EPP materials. However, many people do not know much about EPP materials. Some customers have asked whether EPP materials are foam. Today we will look at EPP materials and the difference between bubbles.

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First, the first thing that can be determined is that the EPP material is a new type of

environmentally friendly foam plastic. We should know that the EPP material is also

a type of foam. Unlike the common EPS foam, the EPP material has excellent

environmental protection and safety. Used in various occasions.

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Second, the difference between EPP material and EPS foam

EPP material is a new type of foam, although it is also a type of foam, but it

has many differences from EPS foam. First of all, EPS foam cannot be

degraded, and it has a great burning hazard.

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EPP foam can be naturally degraded, and it is non-toxic and odorless. It can

be recycled without reducing its performance. Not only that, the EPP material

also has good shock resistance and compression resistance, far exceeding EPS

foam, and the EPP material can even be used on car bumpers.

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In addition, the EPP material has good corrosion resistance. What kind of acid

or alkali oil does not corrode the EPP material at all, and it is clear and convenient.

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EPP material has more anti-static function than EPS material. It can be used

to package some precision instruments and equipment, especially for

electronic and electrical components.

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