Vacuum System for Shape Molding Machine


green eps shape molding machine

The L shape vacuum tank is filled with multiple layers of stainless steel, making the 

water condenser area 15~20 times larger than ordinary, therefore the cooling time 

will be greatly reduced from 30s to within 8s.

We Obey High Temperature Demold


green eps shape molding machine high temperature demold

By using the water vapor exchange, after the hot steam vapor enters the central vacuum 

condenser,a heated moisture air exchange is formed with the liquid. At the same time, 

through multiple partitions and ss screen layouts, the exchange reduces the heated 

moisture air temperature, which improves the cooling 15 to 20 times in comparison with 

the regular cooling system, thereby achieving efficient condensation.

Siemens Vacuum Pump


simens vacuum pump for eps shape molding machine

Featuring a high pumping capacity up to 600m3/h (360cfm). the NASH 2BV5/6 liquid 

ring pump also condenses steam which increases its suction capacity. 

Being more reliable than the oldfashioned half-size installation space, the NASH 2BV5/6 

can last up to 20,000 hours without any maintenance even under the toughest conditions.

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