EPS Package, Not Simple As You Think


EPS raw material is ordinarily packed with two layers, an outer polypropylene 

woven bag or kraftplastics laminated bag together with a modified PE/PA 

film bag inside. Usually two typs of packaging are provided by weight in 

Chinese market:

25kg: Paper bag (Laminated Kraft paper), 

          with inner modified PE/PA film bag.

850kg: Flecon Bag (Super Sack) , 

            with modified PE/PA film bag.

There are also some unusual packaging such as 800kg/975kg/1000kg/1200kg, 

which are not always available and need to be customized.

eps raw material package.jpg

Why Laminated Kraft paper is used for 25kg bag?

eps raw material package.jpg

1. Nowadays, environment problem is more and more concerned by the public. Kraft paper 

performs excellently in environmental protection, which is non-toxic and tasteless. It is non-

polluting and can be recycled;

2. Kraft paper has cushioning performance in a certain range, stiffy and anti-fallen;

3. Easy to carry, from the container to your store, and to the machine.

Flecon Bag (Super Sack) is GOOD?


eps raw material package.jpg

1. It has sufficient strength in structure, which is convenient for mechanized loading 

and off-loading. Rather than manual operation, operators use cranes or forklifts to 

carry goods. Work efficiency is improved;

2. The material of the Super Sack has good barrier property and good structural 

sealing. The moisture,  debris and dust are not easy to snuck into, the products

are thus protected well;

3. The Super Sack can be folded flat, and the package is transported to the user and 

folded after unloading, requiring only a small storage space.

Why inner modified PE/PA film bag is essential?

PE/PA film bag is high transparent and glossy. It has excellent gas barrier, oil 

resistance and fragrance retention properties. When you received, the material 

stays fresh when you receive it as the pentane is kept as it is from the 


Which type of packaging is right for you, small bag or big bag?

The small bag is easy to carry. It is good for the countries that the labor cost 

is reasonable for allowing you to have enough labors to carry the bags to feed 

the pre-expander. 1 or 2 workers is required to feed the pre-expander manually 

constantly.The big bag is good for those factories who would rather use forklift 

than man-power. A forklift is required for off-loading and feediing the pre-

expander continuously.

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