Simple Introduction to the Continues Pre-expander and Batch Pre-expander


There are two basic type of our pre-expander, continues and  batch pre-expander.

Today I would introduct these two types of pre-expander to you.

1.Continues pre-expander : 

   (1)All process works automatically including filling ,expanding,sieving ,grinding , 

and conveying ,etc.

   (2)Screw continuous feeding ,tolerance in density is less than 5% ;

   (3)Recommend for second expansion & limit budget.

eps continues pre-expander.jpg

2.Batch pre-expander :

   (1)Including common dry bed ,auto -feeder ,screening and auto-weighting device;

   (2)Auto operation , electrical control with PLC and touch screen, can greatly reduce 

the person cost;

   (3)More stable, foam density is more precise  , tolerance in density is less than 3 % , 

high efficiency as well;

   (4)Very popular pre-expander machine in market for packaging. 

eps batch pre-expander.png


The following is some technical differences between them.

eps pre-expander.png 

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