Features of EPS Pre-expander Machine


         The fully automatic vacuum automatic EPS pre-expander machine which also called foam forming machine mainly adopts hydraulic, programmable controller, pneumatic and other technologies, so that the processes of feeding, heating, exhausting, cooling, and discharging can be automatically completed in the production process. As a result, the product quality is greatly improved, the processing time is shortened, and the quality of the product is ensured. The main structure of eps pre-expander machine called filling system adopts an automatic filling gun and a negative pressure filling. The filling gun adopts a special process structure, and the cavity filling seam is fast. Uniform, workers have low labor intensity, high degree of automation, and production civilization. The heating and exhausting pipelines of the heating system adopt high-quality components such as pneumatic butterfly valves and ball valves, so that the steam inlet and outlet control can be coordinated, reliable, accurate and uniform, so that the performance of the sheet metal machine is stable, and the heating is carried out twice by a reasonable process, which has the ability to penetrate and stick. Good connection, fast forming speed, small steam consumption, and smooth surface of the board. The cooling system and the heating system together form a pipeline system. In the cooling process, in order to speed up the cooling rate and improve the production efficiency, a cold air valve is arranged on the large and small mold cavity, and a high-power exhaust fan is installed in the exhaust steam pipeline. In order to quickly discharge the heat of the cavity.

EPS Pre-expander Machine

        Next we talked about the cavity. The cavity structure is a rectangular parallelepiped. The upper and lower plates, the front and rear plates, and the left and right plates form the six faces of the cavity of the plate machine. The inner lining is a special high-quality aluminum alloy plate with long or round vents on the plate to ensure the steam is fully heated to the cavity. This structure is not easy to be dusted to reduce or avoid the number of clearing chambers. The cavity is a single door. The front side door is opened or closed with a hydraulic cylinder. Only one side is opened, the plate is pushed out laterally, and the front door is stripped. Sealing reduces steam leakage, facilitates product formation, and increases the safety factor of the equipment. The hydraulic system sheet forming machine uses hydraulic system to control the opening and closing of the cavity, the pin, the dialing pin and the ejection of the plate. The whole system is composed of cylinders, oil pipes, hydraulic oil pumps, various solenoid valves, etc. It has stable movement and action. High pressure, incompressible and so on. The pneumatic system mainly completes the control of the feeding, the inlet and exhaust valves, and serves as the power source for the automatic feeding bin, the inlet and exhaust steam butterfly valve, the ball valve, and the air chamber inflation demoulding. The electrical automatic control system consists of electrical automatic control components (contactors, relays, fuses, travel switches, air circuit breakers) and programmable controllers (plc).

eps pre-expander machine

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