Introduction to the Performance Characteristics of EPS Pre-expander Machine


Good waterproof performance, wind pressure resistance, impact resistance, EPS foaming machine foaming polystyrene board thin plastering exterior insulation system has superior insulation performance. It can effectively solve the problem of wall cracking and leakage. The system is immature, convenient and economical and has been widely used in developed countries and developed coastal areas. With the development of building energy efficiency, the system will become the mainstream product in the market.

The foam is mixed with the cement slurry, and the foaming machine is fully foamed by mechanical means of the foaming system of the foaming machine. On this basis, through the natural curing of the cement foam pumping system, a large number of closed pore lightweight lightweight insulation materials are formed. It is a foam-like insulation material, which is characterized by the formation of closed foam holes in the concrete to insulate the concrete.

After the completion of the main structure, the EPS expanded polystyrene board thin plastering exterior wall insulation uses polystyrene board (hereinafter referred to as benzene board) as the building exterior insulation material. The benzene board is attached to the wall according to the requirements of the special adhesive mortar. If special reinforcement requirements are required, they can be anchored with plastic expansion screws. Then the polymer cement mortar is applied to the appearance of the benzene board, which is pressed into the alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth to form a mortar layer to be cured, and finally the putty and the paint finish layer are obtained.

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