German filling guns for both eps shape moulding machine and eps block moulding machine


You may have already noticed a phenomenon that a great number of different types of filling guns have appeared on the market. These guns are used for the EPS machines, such as automatic shape molding machines and block molding machines. In many product categories, the German filling guns have a large number of loyal supporters, while the German filling guns have advantages that others can’t match. Let's take a closer look at these advantages.

1. Evenly discharged

German-style filling guns have a very uniform and good output effect compared to other gun products. Not only do the individual materials discharge evenly, but even the materials that are mixed together appear very uniform during discharge. This advantage allows the user to have a good experience with the discharge when using the product.

filling guns

2. Easy to clean

For users of the filling guns, the most headache is the cleaning problem. The German-style filling guns have a huge advantages in cleaning work compared with other gun products. The material of the German product itself is made of stainless steel. The surface of the material is very smooth, which reduces the friction between the material and the discharge, so it is very convenient for cleaning work. Convenient cleaning also reduces the amount of cleaning for the user and reduces a lot of trouble.


3. Long service life

German-style gun products are made of stainless steel when they are manufactured. The stainless steel itself has a higher hardness, and the material also has strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, these guns are less likely to be used during use. Abnormal conditions, so the service life of this type of product is also longer than other products, reducing the cost of repair and replacement for consumers.


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