What are the advantages of eps lines?


The society is constantly developing. Many of the requirements are not as simple as building a building. Nowadays, there are energy-saving buildings. Many buildings need to protect the wall technology. Some decorative shapes are insulated and some methods are used to achieve Insulation and decoration, in the decoration aspect eps lines and grc lines can achieve this function, if the customer has the need to design decorative style according to customer needs, then the question comes to the eps line and grc line which is better. Below the Wuhan EPS line manufacturers, tell everyone what to pay attention to.

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Let's first talk about the epc line, which is a new type of decorative component of the exterior wall of a building. It can completely replace the traditional type of decorative line, which is more suitable for the wall of the external wall with EPS insulation. It is a European style, and the classical elegant style wall can be installed, and there is no winter cold or thermal effect on the main wall after installation. These relatively high floors, if installed with cement, not only do not work well. Moreover, the installation period is particularly long, and sometimes there are some cracks. The epc line is different. The lighter installation is more convenient when it is lighter. It can withstand a lot of wind, and the humidity can resist. Grc is a lot of high-altitude dangers. It may fall out of careless items, and the size is not so accurate.

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