The difference between new material extruded board and old material extruded board


The insulation boards commonly used on the market today are extruded boards (XPS boards). There are two types of extruded boards currently on the market: one is a raw material extruded board made of new raw materials, and the other is made of waste plastic. After the recycling of the extruded material, the cost of the raw material extruded board is high and the production equipment for manufacturing the qualified extruded board is expensive. At present, there are only a few factories in Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu and other places that have such equipment. In Sichuan, only Gudi Building Materials Co., Ltd. and another company have such equipment to produce raw material extruded boards. Other merchants produce cheap extruded boards, so most of the buildings in the mainland use extruded boards. The cheaper material extrusion board, the material extruded board has two serious shortcomings, these two serious shortcomings will bring significant fire hazards to the building.

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First, the production process of the material extruded board is to extrude the raw material after heating. Therefore, the important additive flame retardant in the heat preservation board is easily volatilized during the processing and should not be retained. Some manufacturers do not add flame retardant in order to save costs. As a result, such insulation boards are easily ignited to cause a fire.

Second, due to the poor physical properties of the material extruded board, after two years of use, there will be a phenomenon of so-called warping around the extruded board, and the joint of the extruded board will be cracked, making it flammable. The insulation board is exposed on the surface of the building. At this time, once an open flame is ignited, the insulation board will burn and spread to cause a major fire.

Third, the material extrusion board is recycled due to repeated recycling of raw materials, resulting in poor color of the board. Therefore, most manufacturers use the method of adding pigment to change the board into another color, so as to mask the true color of the material, so the board generally smells better. Large, pungent, unpleasant, harmful to humans; and the raw material board, the color is white, uniform color, odorless, so the use of raw materials extruded board, environmentally friendly, healthy.

It stands to reason that construction materials should be supervised and inspected before construction. However, the current quality inspections in China are all methods of inspection. That is to say, the quality inspection department only examines the products that the merchants send for inspection. As for whether the goods sold by the merchants are There is no supervision for the goods to be inspected.

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