What are the advantages of EPS lines compared to traditional lines?


With the development of the times, in recent years, the EPS line has been widely favored by designers and corporate customers. It is a new type of building decoration material in China. Its appearance completely subverts the tradition that the exterior wall trim can only use GRC components and plaster. In the construction industry, it has received much attention. So what are the advantages of EPS lines compared to traditional GRC and plaster? The following will be introduced by the small editor.

(1) Lightweight, fireproof, waterproof, insect proof, mildewproof and crack resistant. The construction is convenient and simple, and it is suitable for various indoor and outdoor decorative materials. This is a new green decorative material.

(2) The main products include carvings, corners, waist lines, kick lines, elephant trunks, decorative flowers, wall platforms, table lamps, ceilings, Roman columns, various sculptures, frames, lamp holders, door trims, etc.

(3) Decorative products such as EPS pipelines can be nailed, sawed, planed, washed, bent, without cracking, deformation, insect damage, indoors and outdoors.


(4) Easy to install, clear and natural pattern, beautiful and luxurious.

(5) Low cost: low construction cost and simple decoration. Surface coating has been completed, and sawing, nailing, sticking, and cement and gypsum products have saved 80% of construction costs. (The construction method is exactly the same as plaster)

(6) Environmental protection: It adopts chemical fiber as raw material and meets the standards of non-toxic and harmless green products for national engineering decoration. Share from Oujie decorative materials.

EPS line

In general, EPS decorative line is a new type of exterior wall decoration line and component, which can completely replace the traditional cement (GRC) components, and is more suitable for installation on the external wall EPS, XPS insulation wall, which can reflect European classical and elegant decoration style can ensure that the exterior wall of the main building does not have cold and thermal bridge effect. Especially for the European style of high-rise buildings, it is very difficult to install cement components, the construction period is long, cracks occur for a long time, and the durability is poor. The EPS decorative lines are used, which has the advantages of convenient installation, economy and long durability. The EPS decorative line is made up of stripping B2 fireproof polystyrene as the main body, pasted with alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth, and combined with special adhesive outer protective layer. Not affected by temperature changes, cold and heat resistant; not affected by moisture and acid rain. EPS decorative lines are fireproof and do not emit toxic substances. They are environmentally friendly decorative building materials. EPS decorative lines are cut by computer numerical control, which is quick to make and has many varieties and models, such as lines, Roman columns, window covers, bucket arches, etc., which can be installed on the four sides of the window, the door side, the corners and the wall; the facade of the building More beautiful, more architectural designers bring new and different ideas.

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