The origin of the eps component and the raw materials


With the wide application of external wall insulation, eps European components have become an inevitable product. Because external wall insulation requires sealing, and traditional lines can not meet such requirements, as an extension of external wall insulation, EPS European composite lines begin to follow External wall insulation is widely used. And began to replace the traditional eps European components, GRG and other components.

EPS component

EPS Cornice.png

1.Mold: It can be used with high-temperature resin soft rubber mold with hard outer mold, one-time forming, easy demoulding and perfect shaping.

2.Cement: The cement commonly used in eps European components mainly consists of fast hard sulphoaluminate cement, low alkalinity sulphoaluminate cement, ordinary Portland cement and white Portland cement.

3.Fiber: eps European-style component materials used in the fiber must be alkali-resistant glass fiber, the types include alkali-resistant glass fiber roving, alkali-resistant glass fiber chopped yarn, alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh. European and American countries require that the content of glass fiber zirconia used in eps European components is not less than 16.5%. China requires that the zirconia content be not less than 16.5% when using ordinary Portland cement.

4.Polymer: The polymer usually added is a propylene emulsion, that is, an acrylate copolymer emulsion.

EPS Cornice.png

5.Admixture: usually can be selectively added high-efficiency water reducer, plasticizer, retarder, early strength agent, antifreeze, anti-rust agent and other admixtures: when the product contains steel reinforcement or steel pre- When embedding, do not use calcium chloride based admixtures.

6.Other materials: can selectively add some volcanic gray active materials, which is conducive to improve the overall performance of eps European-style component products, such as strength, impermeability, durability and so on.

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