What is the difference between large and small particles of EPS raw materials?


In fact, there are many problems with EPS raw material size particles. Some customers have asked before, but they have already said it to customers.

In these two days, we have a batch of formed styrofoam packaging. Due to the density problem, we use large pellets.

This customer, all the previous products did not use large particles of raw materials for production, the customer suddenly found this problem after receiving the goods.

When you look at it, the large particles and small particles do look very different in appearance. The surface is different because of the different particle sizes.

When I first saw the molded products of the bulk material, I would be a bit unaccustomed. The first feeling is that our density is not as high as it was, and we cut corners.

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In fact, this is not the case. Let’s talk about this issue today.

Large pellets appear to be larger than small particles, but they are not a problem of high expansion ratio, but the raw materials are produced in their own production, and the particle size is intentionally increased.

This is the difference in specifications when raw materials are produced. The only criterion for adhering to density is weighing. As long as the same product weighs the same, it means that there is no cut corner.

That is to say, it is not correct to use large pellets to cut corners.

In fact, large pellets are not conventional materials, they need to be specially customized, and they are slightly more expensive in price.

Then why use large particles to produce it?

One of the most important reasons is that the buffering effect of large granular materials is better than that of small granular materials, and it is more suitable for cushioning packaging products.

However, there are certain places where there are no advantages of small particles, and it can be said to be a disadvantage.

For small, small, thin-walled products, it is not suitable. Because of the large size and small size, it does not look so full, that is, the degree of bonding is not so good.

Large pellets are only suitable for large packages of large pieces.

This is the difference between large particles and small particles. The material is still the same, there is no distinction between good and bad, only suitable for not suitable.

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