Scientists develop high-strength wood/metal hybrid foams


The Fraunhofer Institute for Molding and Molding Technology (IWU) has a high-strength wood/metal hybrid foam. In 2014, the research institute developed an environmentally friendly wood-based foam. Now the Institute has mixed metals in foam based on wood-based foam research, which has increased the strength of the material and has a wider application prospect.

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Previously, wood fiber obtained from forestry manufacturing waste was ground into wood particles, formed into a film, and then formed into a sponge foam by adding gas. After drying, the foam material is more environmentally friendly than the conventional foam of petroleum products, and can be used for Sound insulation material. On this basis, the team brought by Dr. Frauke Bunzel created the open-hole metal “sponge” material through a new casting method. The scientists then mechanically added the wood fiber foam to the metal “sponge” and the viscous foam caused by the vibration. To pass through the metal material, fill it in the die, and then dry the finished product.

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Scientists call it HoMe foam, a lightweight composite that combines the thermal and acoustic properties of wood foam with a high ductility over individual wood or metal foams. It can perform both structural support and conductive properties. This new wood/metal hybrid foam provides excellent properties by embedding existing materials in the sandwich structure, can be used for sound insulation cotton for automotive engine parts, or placed in the chassis of the vehicle for sound insulation. Scientists are currently optimizing their manufacturing processes so that they can be commercialized on a scale.

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