Fs free-out external template production line takes you into the new era of productionEPS Moulding


1. fs free of external template production line can produce external wall insulation board, composite insulation board (the middle core board can be extruded board, rock wool board, real gold board, benzene board), fire board equipment, homogenizing board equipment Wait. Our company's insulation board equipment can really install a line of water to completely produce a variety of insulation boards and fire boards!

2. the raw materials mainly use cement, river sand, sawdust or crop straw, fly ash, perlite and other materials, simple and easy to buy, no regional restrictions. Our company can also supply all the raw materials for production.

3. All the materials are stirred by a mixer and then processed by a hopper under the insulation board equipment. The production equipment has high degree of automation, less labor, simple process, low cost and remarkable revenue.


4. fs free of external template equipment can be produced according to different customer's different production requirements, production of different specifications (length, width, height), different materials of various insulation panels, to meet all the requirements of different consumers!

5. the equipment is highly automated, simple operation (operating workers can be employed after simple training), low labor intensity, assembly line operation, no noise during production, no pollution, no waste discharge, environmental protection meets national standards.

6. the production process does not require high temperature, high pressure, molding at room temperature, low energy consumption, no special requirements for production sites and other conditions.

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