Unique advantages of foamed cement composite panels


We all know that the insulation industry is very hot now, and many new types of insulation materials are emerging. What I am going to say today is the foamed cement composite board. Where is the unique advantage of this product?


Foamed cement composite board as a kind of thermal insulation board, the most prominent feature is that it can bear the construction of the main structure of the building, not only staying on the wall surface insulation and fire prevention. It can be applied and constructed to reduce the building weight and is lightweight and shock resistant. Secondly, its construction speed is still very fast, because the material is light, so the construction is convenient. Due to the particular structure of the foamed cement composite panel, its gas permeability is also very good. It is an insulating building material that will breathe. Secondly, it can also be recycled, very environmentally friendly. Because of its own ability to be the mainstay of the building, some people are willing to choose it as the main material. Because the roof construction uses foamed cement composite panels, the load on the roof can be reduced, which greatly improves safety. 

Secondly, it can also be used as an indoor partition board to increase the strength of the wall without increasing the weight.

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