Foamed cement composite board has satisfactory fire performance


When it comes to cement foam composite panels, I believe many of my friends think of insulated and insulating construction panels. It is true that the foamed cement composite panel does have excellent thermal insulation properties, but in fact, its fire performance is also very satisfactory.

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The inner core plate of the cement foam composite board is made of inorganic material, and the inorganic material itself does not burn and belongs to a non-combustible material. The foamed cement composite board used in the construction will not burn after the fire, will not explode in the fire, and will not release toxic gas. It is a well-known excellent refractory material. It has been proved by experiments that its fire-resistance limit is more than 2 hours, which is a plate that can meet the fire-proof requirements of the first-class components, ensuring fire safety is very reliable.

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