Specific steps and effects of installation and placement of firewall panels


Installation location of firewall board:

1. The reasonable installation location of firewall panels should be set on the basic structure and structural framework of the building: for example, the girder structure, the supporting and bearing frame structure, the fire resistance of the supporting structure near the installation of firewall panels should not be lower than the fire resistance limit of the wall panels, and the fire resistance limit of the firewall panels will be damaged by the burning of nearby objects.

2. Most of them will be placed on the surface of the floor, space partition, ceiling beam, thin floor of the interior panel.

The fire resistance limit of the load-bearing roof mechanism and the interior panel in the roof of the plant's high-rise thermal insulation freezer is less than 1.00h. When the fire resistance limit of the load-bearing structure of the roof and the wall panel of the roof panel of the general building is lower than 0.50h, the height of the firewall panel should be higher than about 0.5m of the roof size.

3. For the installation position of the firewall with skylight, the section of the central line should be less than 4.0m from the central end of the skylight, and the materials used for the skylight are refractory materials to prevent damage to the normal fire limit of the firewall board, so as to prevent or adopt the trend of fire spread.

4. It is strictly forbidden to open doors, windows and openings on the firewall board. When it is really necessary to open doors and windows of Class A fire prevention, which can not be opened or closed automatically in case of fire, should be set up.

5. The pipelines of combustible gases and liquids A, B and C are strictly prohibited from passing through the firewall. Exhaust pipes should not be installed in the firewall.

6. The structure of the firewall should be able to destroy the roof truss, beam and floor on either side of the firewall when it is affected by the fire, and it will not cause the firewall to collapse.

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3. How to correctly identify and understand the efficacy of fireproof panels

1. For those who are not familiar with melamine who are confused by the sales of relevant manufacturers, there is a certain gap between the two when they regard melamine board as a kind of fire-proof board for sale.

2. For fireproof board, fireproof board is the most appropriate for it. It is not true gold does not spark, but has a certain degree of fireproof. For direct purchase of fireproof board from manufacturers, we need to see if there is a special machine pressure board device. Without it, the quality can not be guaranteed.

3. Take a sample before purchasing, the fire-proof board with excellent quality has certain impact resistance and flexibility, wear resistance and scratch resistance. If the product can not withstand the above test standards, then according to the excellent quality, it should be purchased strictly.

4. Regeneration density plate is used as door plate for individual illegal elements, which can easily cause deformation of door plate, and the joint seam is easy to fall off.

5. When purchasing, we must check whether there is a "product quality certificate" of provincial and municipal quality inspection departments to prevent unpredictable family risks.

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