Cautions for Winter Safety Production of Light Wallboard


Several points should be paid attention to in winter fire prevention of light partition board factories:

Warehouse of light partition board manufacturing enterprise


1.No littering of cigarette butts. Nowadays, some factories are not strict with smoking management, and cigarette end machines are easy to ignite and even destroy "Wanzhang Building". Therefore, light partition board factories should pay attention to smoking management measures.

2. It is forbidden to burn garbage. Garbage is also an indispensable thing in life. Over time, a lot of garbage will be accumulated on the edge of some buildings. If unreasonable combustion can also cause fire, and some garbage may contain inflammable and explosive items, then more care is needed.

3. Gas leakage is strictly prohibited. Regular inspection of plant gas pipelines and switches, timely closure of the main valve.

Fourth, pay attention to unsafe heating. Do not stack inflammable materials around heating equipment, check staff dormitories regularly, and do not allow the use of electric blankets.

5. Avoid pulling wires privately, check the wires regularly, do not use over-age household appliances, and prohibit the use of water heaters and other electrical appliances.

6. It is strictly forbidden to set off fireworks. To master the correct method of ignition, and timely inspection and cleaning.

7. No fire fighting equipment is allowed. Factory must be equipped with small fire extinguishers, and also organize employees to use fire extinguishers, and it is necessary to let each employee personally use these instruments, light partition board factory can organize the use of fire extinguishers when burning garbage. In order to avoid panic after the fire.

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