Mortar Rock Wool Composite Plate Equipment


Operating steps of equipment for mortar-rock wool composite board and equipment for mortar-rock wool composite board

1. Start the dry powder mixing system to invade the anti-cracking mortar into the storage tank, and the dry powder mortar feeding system will automatically feed into the mixing system.

2. Mortar mixing system is started, mortar and water are evenly mixed and stirred according to water ratio, butterfly valve is opened after mixing, mortar is flowed to mortar storage tank, then mortar storage tank is put into bottom composite material tank and upper composite material tank respectively. [After that, dry powder feeding system and mortar mixing system continue to work, so as to carry out the uninterrupted process of the working system]


3. Start the mortar composite platform, lay the plastic film and mesh cloth under the bottom mortar composite groove sequentially, and the working system runs.

4.Mortar covers the mesh cloth, and the rock wool sliver is arranged on the top of the mortar by the worker. After compaction and compaction, the rock wool sliver is arranged on the top of the mortar groove, the mesh cloth, the plastic film, the second compaction 4, starting the longitudinal cutting sawpan and the transverse cutting sawpan. The composite rock wool mortar composite board equipment will be formed by longitudinal-transverse automatic cutting. According to the system, the automatic measurement size will be set. Now semi-automatic operation.

5. The composite cutting board was transported to the air-drying shed by workers after discharging platform for air-drying treatment, and the double-sided composite mortar rock wool board was completed.

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