Eight Advantages of Homogeneous Fire-proof Insulation Board Exterior Wall Insulation System


Eight Advantages of Homogeneous Fire-proof Insulation Board Exterior Wall Insulation System

1. Super Bonding Force

In the system, bonding mortar and plastering mortar not only have high bonding strength with base, surface layer, but also with homogeneous fire-proof insulation board.

2. Excellent crack resistance 3, excellent waterproof 4, suitable air permeability 5, super impact resistance 6, excellent thermal insulation 7, excellent fireproof 8, excellent weather resistance

Homogeneous Modified Fire-proof Insulation Board

Homogeneous and modified fireproof insulation board is a fireproof and thermal insulation board developed for market demand. Silicon, calcium mineral material and adhesive modifier are the main inorganic cementing materials, composite expanded polystyrene foam particles (also called expanded polystyrene particles), supplemented with proper amount of foaming, hydrophobic and other additives (without magnesium chloride and magnesium oxychloride). Thermal insulation board with good fire protection performance is made by moulding, maintenance, processing and other processes for building energy-saving projects.

Homogeneous modified fire-proof insulation board has 10 advantages, leading the building energy-saving service market!

1. Fire prevention: Class A fire prevention, high temperature resistance, melting point above 2000 C, to prevent fire.

2. Waterproofing: Special inorganic cementitious materials are easy to disperse and suspend in water, form slurry, effectively encapsulate polyphenyl particles, and produce certain strength and flexibility after curing, forming waterproof layer, which has played a very good role in the wall.

Protective effect

3. Insulation: the thermal conductivity is between 0.045 and 0.056W/(m.K).

4. Lightweight: 120-180 kg/m3, the safety of high-rise buildings is significantly improved.

5. Sound insulation: not only can play a good thermal insulation effect, but also can have excellent silencing function, avoid noise damage.

6. Non-deformable: factory forming, complete maintenance of the upper wall invisible change; high-temperature fire test does not soften, no drip, no pulverization.

7. High strength: compressive strength over 0.30 MPa, tensile strength over 0.12 MPa; construction is not easy to break, ensure quality, reduce construction losses.

8. Weatherproof: can withstand sunlight, wind and rain, cold and hot alternation and other different climatic environments of the product erosion without damage, prolong the service life of the building.

9. Environmental protection is non-toxic: it does not contain harmful substances and does not pollute the environment.

10. Good construction: sawing, grinding, nailing, cutting and so on. It is convenient for construction and improves the quality of construction.

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