Installation and protection measures and precautions of polyphenyl particulate wallboard


Preparations of staff before construction:

1. Material of construction site and auxiliary material must be placed in ventilation and drying place when entering.

2. When entering the construction site, the construction personnel must wear safety helmet, slippers, barefoot and so on. They are not allowed to enter the construction site.

3. Smoking is strictly prohibited at the construction site.

4. To strengthen the management of construction personnel, the rules and regulations of the construction site should be strictly observed.


Inspection before installation of polyphenyl particulate wall panels:

1. Quality assurance must inspect all the materials entering the site before construction. Only after acceptance is qualified can it be used.

2. Before installation, the edge of the board should be cleaned in time, and line watering should be carried out around the wall.

3. In the process of construction, construction must be carried out in strict accordance with the construction plan.

4. In order to ensure the reliability of quality, self-inspection should be strictly carried out in the process of construction. Handover inspection and process inspection system, through the inspection of the previous process before the construction of the next process.

5. The combination between the board and the board, the board and the building should be firm, and the joint gap must be compact and smooth. The value of deviation engineering shall not exceed the allowable range. The surface flatness error is less than 3_, the vertical error is less than 3_and the joint spacing is less than 10_.

Cautions for Installation of Polyphenyl Particle Wallboard by Staff

1. Regular and standardized stacking materials.

2. The garbage on the construction site on that day should be cleaned and transported in time so that the garbage on that day can be cleaned and transported to the designated site.

3. The entry and exit of materials shall be monitored by professionals and cleaned up in time to ensure the cleanliness of the site.

4. Water and electricity should be economized. Eliminate waste.

5. Night work with concentrated lighting should be carried out to avoid disturbing the people.

6. Noise at night should be less than 55 decibels.

7. The codes of conduct formulated by relevant departments should be fully observed.

8. Construction personnel should not make noise and damage public property. When entering the construction site, they should pay timely attention to ensuring their own safety.

9. Full-time personnel should keep finished and semi-finished products in time to prevent damage.

Specification parameters for installation details:

1. The specifications of lightweight firewall panels used in this project are: length is 2270 or 2440_, width is 610_, thickness is divided into 75, 100 mm, 120 mm and 150 mm according to different specifications. 5.2. Most of the wall panels installed on site are assembled.

2. The slabs should be arranged vertically in the direction of the length of the partition wall, and the standard slabs should be used in the layout. When the length direction of the partition wall is less than one standard slab width, the patch slabs can be cut according to the requirements, and the width of the patch slabs should not be less than 200 mm. Vertical joints should not be more than once. The joint position of adjacent strips should be staggered 300 mm and the staggered joint range can be 500 mm.

3. Connecting board installation partition wall: Connecting board installation partition wall installation height should meet the following requirements:

The installation height of 75 mm thick slab partition wall is not more than 3500 mm; the installation height of 100 mm thick slab partition wall is not more than 4200 mm; and the installation height of 125 mm thick slab partition wall is not more than 4500 mm. The installation height of 150 mm thick slab partition panel is not more than 4500 mm.

4. When the length of the partition wall is longer than 5000mm and the height of the partition wall is higher than the limit height, steel beams and columns should be added.

5. Select the side roof construction method to confirm the accuracy of laying-out. Align the slabs to the wall or column side and install them vertically, and scrape the mortar together.

6. The steel bars of 250 feet and 6 diameters are inserted into the wallboard and the wallboard in the "factory" type and fixed.

7. Cut and install the wall board after measuring the size, scrape the mortar, adjust the position with the wood wedge, make the wall board vertically flat and in place, then punch in 250 feet unilaterally and fix the reinforcing bar with diameter of 6.

8. After the front panel is installed, the next panel is installed. The wedge grooves are assembled according to the assembly sequence, and the joints are filled with mortar bonding. The steel bars with diameter of 6 are fixed by 45 degree oblique insertion.

9. In the process of installation, every two wallboards are fixed with steel bars with diameter of 6 circles and 250 feet of "factory" type on the top and bottom of one side.

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