Germany EPS Cutting wires


Supper titian EPS cutting wire able to cut any EPS density board and Phenolic anti fire EPS(A grade anti fire).

1m weight 1.1g, wire length:

Ø 0,380 mm = ~1100 m / 1 kg 

Ø 0,40 mm = ~1000 m / 1 kg 

Ø 0,50 mm = ~950 m / 1 kg 

Ø 0,55 mm = ~900 m / 1 kg 


Normal nickle wire fusing temperature is 400 degree, Titia  n wire is 600 degree and becomes more flexiable and not easy break.

Sew gap of thin titian wire job less than 1mm, greatly reduce EPS wastage,7 wires in cutting 10cmm sheet we can reduce fusion wastage 0.9~1cm.

If we cut board thickness 3~5cm, we will benefit collect 1 more sheet. Greatly improve customer's economic benefit.


Wire will sharply drop down the temperature when it get break to avoid fire risk.

Meanwhile, we also have wires diameter 0.55mm available(Ø 0,55 mm = ~575 m / 1 kg)




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