How many cycle for shape molding machine work


How many cycle for shape molding machine work?

How long service life for regular good mold?

Important notice maintenance job for shape molding machine and mold

Shape molding machine:

a. Stated maintenance and checking for hydraulic system will be more economic than the maintenance after a breakdown. After a certain time in the future, the important gasket material should be replaced regularly.  The maintenance procedures in accordance with the direction of oil flow will be proposed to prevent omissions.

  • 1. Oil tank: oil surface must be correct, the oil must be provided with the corresponding type and viscosity. For large system, oil sample analysis can be along regularly to confirm whether the oil can be used again.

  • 2. The pipeline of the oil absorption: the serious damage and bending must be checked. It will reduce the pipeline’s path to be as noise source.

  • 3. Pump: check the pump shaft seal and other oil spill situations.

  • 4. Pressure oil pipe: the deferent oil pipe should be checked gradually along the direction of each without leakage.

  • 5. Control parts: mainly check the leakage interface of valve.

  • 6. Return pipeline and oil filter: check the situation of the leaking oil. If no pollution instructions, the filter should be taken out and checked whether to be cleaned or replaced.

  • 7. Implementation elements: check the leakage situation.

  • 8. Accessories: check the working condition.

  • 9. Electrical parts: check the connecting of the part of motor regularly.

b. After the hydraulic system was used in a month in the first time, the hydraulic oil should be changed. And then it should be changed at least once every half a year to ensure the normal running of the system.

c. In the course of running of hydraulic system, the oil filter should be checked or the filter core should be cleaned in time or replaced.

=> Service life: 5~10 years, 400000~800000cyclesMold: Service life: 3~5 years, 300000~500000cycles
No leakage=> No Air, no steam, no water leakage, a sand hole will damae to cause bigger and bigger holes.Screw fix job=> A regular check screw position is vital important to avoid losen crush damge job from fixed and moveable molds.Water=> Avoid hard water, it will erod both machine and molds. Solution: A soft water treatment for cooling water to mold.A bigger hole steam nozzles.


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