Advantage of EPS Cornice



EPS cornice is a new application of wall decoration and components, which can completely replace the traditional cement (GRC) member, more suitable for installation in facades EPS, XPS insulation on the walls, which reflects the European classical, tastefully decorated style, but also ensures that the external walls of the main building does not appear cold, thermal bridges. Especially for European-style high-rise buildings, installation of cement components is very difficult, long duration, over time there will be cracks, poor durability, while the use of EPS cornices, with easy installation, economy, long durability and other advantages. EPS is polystyrene cornice B2 level by the release of the main fire, paste alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh, to special adhesive outer protective layer composite. Not affected by temperature changes, cold, heat; free from damp climate and the impact of acid rain. EPS cornice of fire and can not emit toxic substances, environmental protection high-quality decorative building materials.EPS cornices using computer numerical control cutting, making quick, multi-species models, such as cornices, Roman, window cover, brackets, etc., can be installed on the four sides of the window, door, eaves and walls; so the building facade more beautiful, more architects who brought a new, different kind of creativity.




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