Coated EPS Decorative Cornices Project Solutions


Coated EPS Decorative Cornices Project Solutions

Regarding the coated EPS decorative cornices project, I consulted the chief engineer
and went to a construction site to have a clear idea. Please read the details as follows:

----Production process & machine required:
1. Cut EPS blocks to different profiles (CNC cutter)
2. Mix cement with polymer mortar proportionally (Mixer)
3. Cover EPS cornices with fiber glass cloth (manual)
4. Coat EPS cornices with the mixed cement mortar (Coating machine)
5. Cut the coated EPS to required length (Trimming machine)

----Construction process (Typical method in China currently):
1. Level the external wall with cement mortar (Leveling layer)
2. Apply the adhesive mortar on the back side of the coated EPS cornice (Interfacial layer or Adhesion layer)


3. Glue the coated EPS onto the external wall by adhesive mortar (Insulation layer, first fix)




4. Bolt the coated EPS onto the external wall with gas bolts (By Gas gun, second fix).
The bolts will be drilled from the surface of the coated EPS, through into the EPS, then into the wall.




5. Refill the bolts spots with cement mortar.


6. Plaster the coated EPS with putty (Protective layer)
7. Plaster painting material outside the putty layer (Finishing layer)
----Material required:
1. EPS
2. Cement
3. Polymer mortar
4. Fiber glass cloth
5. Gas bolts
6. Putty material
7. Painting material
----Key point: the formula of the polymer mortar. It will only be provided after you place the order. The factory will tell you what is the material and what is the mixing proportion. You will purchase the material locally and mix it by yourself.
----Labor requirement:
1. Production side: 5 - 6 persons, normal workers
2. Construction side: 2 persons/team, normal workers. One team can install
60-100m2 per day.
3. 2 chief technicians: The technicians have the experience in construction, no need special kills or qualification. The technicians can be trained in China.
----Training: You can send two technicians to China for training for max. 1 or 2 weeks.
The factory will train them from production to construction.
----Cost calculation: The coated EPS cornices can be sold both by pieces or by square meters. In China it is sold by square meters, but the cost calculation is still based on pieces.
1. EPS: The EPS cost is calculated on pieces. Usually in China, one piece is 1m long.
2. Cement mortar: It is calculated on square meters of the unfolded area of the product.
We take the product in the picture as an example:
1: EPS: Suppose the density is 18kg/m3, the cost of EPS is approx. $45/m3
The volume of this product is 1 x 0.1 x 0.1 = 0.01m3
So the cost of EPS is 0.01m3 x $45/m3 = $0.45 per piece
2. Cement mortar: We calculate the unfolded areas, totally 5 faces, because only these 5 faces will be coated.
The area of the unfolded faces is 0.1 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05 = 0.3m2
The cost of the cement mortar in China is approx. $2.5/m2
So the cost of the cement mortar is 0.3m2 x $2.5/m2 = $0.75 per piece
So the cost of one piece of this product is: $0.45 + $0.75 = $1.2
One piece is 0.3m2 only, so the cost of 1 square meter is: $1.2 ÷ 0.3m2 = $4
In China, the sales price of one piece is approx. $3.5, one square meter is approx. $12
The above is only the selling price of the products. If you will also do the construction as a project, you have to charge extra money for the construction. In China it's approx. $5.5 per square meter extra, which includes the materials (bolts & cement mortar) and labor cost.

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