EPS Technical Support


EPS Technical Support BY EPSOLE Technologies

1. Machines Maintenance

1.1 More than 2 years overall maintenance ( inspection & repair)

Functions restoration

1.1.1 hydraulic system

1.1.2 electrical system

1.1.3 valves


2. Machines maintenance (Emergency)

Fault diagnosis and repairs for machines abnormal operation condition and damaged spare parts

3. Consulting online for free

3.1 FAQ for machines and EPS products

3.2 Service team

3.3 Cases display


4. Training

4.1 Pre-Expander

Allowing customers to accurately understand the various functions of the machines, master the expanding techniques and control the foam density. (+/-3%)

4.2(Block m/c & Shape m/c)shape molding

Allowing customers to accurately understand the various functions of the machines, maximizing machines performances to improve the production efficiency and get top quality products under the lowest energy consumption.

4.3 Parameters setting

The operators can set the parameters duly according to products condition.

5. New plant installation and commissioning

5.1 Guidance and services on plant layout, machines location and pipes layout to allow machines have perfect performance

5.2 machine installation instructions

5.3 New machine testing

6. Machines retrofitting and upgrading

6.1 Air cooling to vacuum: PLC upgrading; installation foam pressure sensor.

6.2 Foaming machine: 1. Upgrading of PLC program;2. Adding fillings vibration sensor(more accurate and stable density)

6.3 Shape molding machine: improving hydraulic, cooling, heating, vacuum and feeding system.

6.4 Cutting machine: increasing truncation cutting, titanium wire.

7.  We have years of experiences in handling damaged equipment caused by major accidents; we can provide customers a best solution within a short time to minimize the loss.

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