EPS is 100% Employee Owned and 100% Quality Committed


EPS originally began to manufacture insulated wall panels for the agricultural market. Since that time, 

EPS has diversified into the commercial/industrial markets.

1. Structural insulated panel (Solid Core) buildings feature foam core wall panels and wood truss systems

for small and medium size agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings


2. Post frame packages for commercial and agricultural use

3. Commercial industrial building packages and panelized products

4. Complete dairy facilities

5. Equestrian arenas and complete stable packages

6. Steel frame building packages can utilize Energy-Lok steel faced EPS foam core panels

7. Insulated panels for both new construction and retrofit projects

8. Cold storage panel systems and walk-in freezers

9. Small exterior cooler and freezer building packages

10. Residential

11. Filling material





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