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                 ---EPS production line auxiliary equipments 


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A complete EPS block production line consists of the following equipment:

1. Pre-expander

2. Silos

3. Block moulding machine

4. Block cutter

5. Steam boiler

6. Steam accumulator

7. Air compressor

8. Compressed air tank

9. Cooling tower

10. Pipe system



We Epsole provide all kind of EPS related paoducts, including EPS raw material, EPS machine, EPS mould, EPS spare parts etc;

In the EPS production process, all auxiliary equipments including: Steam boiler, Steam accumulator, Air compressor, Compressed air tank, Cooling tower, Compressed air tank; Water pump, Water pressure stabilizer;



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Steam accumulator:(Volume: 2m³, 3 m³, 5 m³, 6 m³, 8 m³, 10 m³, 12 m³, 15 m³, 16 m³, 20 m³, 30 m³, 50 m³, 80 m³)


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