EPS Seed Tray Mold


EPS Seed Tray Mold 

------- Hangzhou Epsole Technologies Co., Ltd


Expanded polystyrene seed trays offer seeds the best start in life. The excellent insulation properties protect roots and promote healthy growth by maintaining a stable temperature in the soil.


Hangzhou Epsole Technologies Co., Ltd is high quality China EPS Machinery and Molds Manufacturer and Supplier.

Not only the EPS Seed Tray, we do also produce the vegetable box mold, fish box mold and all kinds of OEM projects.


The Specification of EPS Seed Tray Mold:

Vacuum casting type mold

Carving cell holes with steam nozzles

20x20mm steam nozzles gap

Reasonable design filling gun and ejector position

By merit of accurate fully CNC processment and good design we proud guarantee customer freely cavity position change.


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