EPS Updates ICIS June.1.2016


Wednesday(June,1)European market, June shipping date closed in 1150-1250 USD/T(FOB Rotterdam), equal to the previous session;July shipping date closed in 1040-1080 USD/T (FOB Rotterdam); compared with the previous session , decreased 10-20 USD/T;Polystyrene markets in USA, June shipping date commodity closed in 45.2-45.45 cents/pounds (FOB American Gulf), amounts to 994-1000 USD/T(FOB American Gulf), equal to the previous session. (FOB Rotterdam, FOB American Gulf prices origin: ICIS). Asian polystyrene markets, June/July closed in 970-980 USD/T(FOB Korean main ports), compared with the previous session, decreased 5 USD/T in the low end; (June.2 ICIS)

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